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Choosing The Right Bird Travel Carrier

Each sort of travel carrier has their own good and bad points. Keep in mind when looking for a carrier you need to remember different cages suit different bird species and can serve completely different functions. Another factor to choosing the right carrier cage is the duration your bird will be in it. These are a few points you will need to consider carefully. In this post I will explain and help guide you in choosing the correct travel cage for your bird.

Size of travel cage Opt for a smaller travel cage. Your bird’s travel cage should be smaller you are your bird’s traditional cage. A carrier should be light weight and straight forward for you to move and secure in your car. Additionally, having a smaller travel cage also will help prevent potential injuries as your bird would have less risk of being thrown around during the travel and in an accident. The travel carrier should be giant enough for your bird to stretch their wings with no restriction. Now your travel time/distance is just as important as the size of the carrier cage because your bird will have to be comfortable within their space to reduce their anxiety and stress.

Quality of travel cage Ensure that the travel cage is sturdy, well-ventilated, and secure for your bird. Check the reviews before buying your travel cage, to confirm that it is made of smart quality materials and does not have any style flaws. This is often necessary if you are the owner of an outsized, robust bird that can chew through many objects. If you do have a parrot for instance that can chew through anything, it is particularly necessary that you just purchase a powerful, quality cage that has been specifically engineered to resist a powerful beak. Make sure your bird travel cage you choose has a good sturdy perch designed into the carrier.

Material of travel cage

Travel cages should open freely for easy cleaning. The less small areas within the cage the easier and better to clean. Cages with a slide out tray will be easier to clean when travelling. There are Travel cages that have specifically been developed for the escape-artist that “must-destroy-everything” birds in mind – So you should keep this in mind too when checking out materials for your birds.

Not all travel cages are created equally, therefore it pays to shop around for the best selection. There is a huge variety of fine choices on the market currently. Check out Feathers and Tails shop for many different selections of bird toys available or alternatively check out homemade toys by feathers and tails. If you liked this post please leave a comment and share the love button. If you would like to never miss another post by Feathers and Tails don't forget to subscribe - And never miss the goss about birds.

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