Bird Nutrition

A Healthy Diet for your birds is important for them to live a long and happy life. It's important to have a balanced diet full of healthy veggies. I give my birds veggies (chop) with some sprouted seeds in the morning for breakfast and pellets in the evening. My birds get fruit two times a week and are fed seeds and nuts when we are training.




Seeds are known for being unhealthy because they can be high in fat like sunflower seeds but the problem here is not with the seeds themselves. Seeds are an important part of a bird’s diet, but not the only part by far. Seed alone does not fulfill the dietary requirements of any bird. Seeds can be healthy for your birds as long they are not the only thing they are eating. Sprouted seeds, however are much heathier for the birds. They say a seed only diet is like only eating fast food but sprouted seeds are like a superfood for your birds.